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Truffles from the Marche are ranked among the best in Italy for quality, especially if they come from the southern territories of the region. You’ll experience a unique, intense and exciting adventure in the search for these precious truffles. An expert truffle hunter will guide you on the paths of the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains, among legends linked to the tradition and the practical techniques of truffle hunting. The search takes time and patience, but with a little luck you can observe how the trained dogs will get excited, and start suddenly wagging their tails and sniffing around a bush or the roots of an oak tree. Then if they start digging with their forelegs, it means that the treasure is truly nearby and that the master truffle hunter can reward the worthy dogs with well-deserved treats. At the end of the hunt, you can savour the prized truffles combined in delicious traditional recipes (depends on how many you can gather) paired with local wines of the territory. Duration and time: only in the mornings prior reservation. Period: from October to December, 3-4 times

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