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Ask us !!! We will find the ideal solutions for your vacation.  



Every person or family has different needs and desires regarding their vacation which can be relax, sports, sea, mountains, late-night fun, shopping or family friendly holidays, etc. There is a wide range of choice from the Adriatic Sea to the Sibillini mountains, and in particular the area of the Aso valley and inland territory of Fermo offers solutions for all preferences!


We offer a wide range of solutions for your holidays:


  • apartments by the sea

  • country villas with swimming pools

  • homes in the most beautiful medieval towns


It is possible to perceive the essence of ancient traditions, history and the unique quality of life that has endured for centuries in every corner of this charming valley.


This territory extends for 63 km, and is completely covered by fruit orchards and diverse cultivations that from the mountains flank the banks of the Aso river. For this reason this land is called “The Garden” of the Marche, with its spectacular blaze of colours which lasts all year.


The welcoming communities, a reduced use of pesticides in agriculture and the very little traffic encountered render this territory one of the best places to live in terms of life quality in Italy.

Another factor not to underestimate, and that makes this area very attractive is the longevity of the inhabitants - inland Marche is one of the places in Italy were the most centenarians live, thanks to a particular lifestyle mainly influenced by the Mediterranean diet.

A life choice


At the age of 40, I had to make an important life decision – to choose not to relocate and remain in the beautiful valley where I was born and also change my profession and become a freelancer in the real estate field.

I’ve never regretted this choice, on the contrary, I both love the Aso valley and my job, and I thought why not combine the two things? A profession that involves helping our customers to purchase homes or find long or short term rentals and offering them the most suitable services to fully enjoy the life in the valley.

Enjoying life


I was born in Modena, and moved to the Marche for love … and I’m happy of the choice I’ve made. My experience in catering, has allowed me to appreciate this land both for the natural beauty of the landscapes and for the quality of life, but most of all for the excellent quality and authenticity of the local products.

It’s practically impossible not to appreciate this valley that gives an incredible range of all kinds of culinary specialities such as truffles and mushrooms from the mountains, the delicatessen meat products of the hilly areas (how can one forget the famous local soft salami called ciauscolo?) and the excellent fresh fish of the coast. What more can a territory give?

Country homes are my second passion, being able to collaborate in restoration projects to make these wonderful buildings live again, is a strong emotion for me, to see their beauty made of bricks, wood and nature which hold so many forgotten stories.

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